Banquet room Common questions:

How do I reserve the banquet room?

Call and ensure that the banquet room is available on the date and time for your event. $100 (or 10%, whichever is greater) deposit will be collected to reserve your room. The banquet room deposit amount will be deducted from the amount due on the final bill.

How much does the banquet room cost?

We are able to offer the banquet room at no additional cost due to serving a larger size group with time-specific service. Small groups requesting the large private banquet room may have additional charges.

How long can my event last?

Average event is 2 hours, we give you 3 hours any more time may be subject to additional labor charges or limited to another event scheduled in the banquet room after yours.

Can we decorate the banquet room?

Yes, we encourage you to personalize your party. We do ask that no decorations be placed on the hand-painted mural. Balloons need to be secured. Candles must be in a preapproved candle holder. And no small glitter or confetti to be used. We can help you with Banner locations when requested.

Can I bring my own Music?  (only in the large Piazza banquet room)

Yes, our sound system is a blue tooth, you may choose your music venue from Pandora, or create your own music playlist on your blue tooth device. DJ's and Live music is also common in our back banquet room. The room is so private, it does not interfere with the regular restaurant service.

Is Burgandy the only color tablecloths available?

Yes, and are provided at no additional cost. You are free to bring in other tablecloths and/chair covers in any color you prefer. We only ask that we know ahead of time to coordinate their placement and table setting.

Can I bring a cake or my own wine?

Yes, Cake fee is $15 and covers display, cutting, plating, and service. Wine is $10 per bottle.

Can I bring in other types of alcholic beverages?

Sorry, our license only allows for the consumption of beer and wine on our premises.

Do you have round tables?

Yes, all quest tables are round that seat up to 10 guests. We do have several rectangle tables that can be used for head tables, cake tables, gift tables, projector tables, etc.

Business lunch meetings

We offer a large screen mounted on the wall, Microphone and speaker at no additional charge.